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A seminar on conflict resolution.


· A deep dive into all personality types (prospects, residents and our own team). The more we understand how someone “ticks,” the better we will communicate, the better the exchange which equals a win/win for all!

· Deflating a difficult situation or angry person is not easy or fun. But, you can “step on someone’s shoes without messing up their shine!” It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

· Learn valuable phrases that will “talk them off the ledge.”

· Understanding why the hardest part of our job is dealing with people.

· Motivational ideas to help take care of our team so that we can best take care of our community and our residents that will lead to positive reviews

Stop Me Before I Strangle This Resident! (3hrs)

  • Price per person.  Please change the quanity to the number of people attending the seminar.  We will work with you at the time of the event to true up the purchase.

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