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I have had the privilege of knowing Michelle Molinaro for several years, and during that time, I've attended many of her exceptional trainings and seminars. Most recently, I had the opportunity to bring my team to her G.O.A.T. seminar in Denver – an experience that was equal parts engaging and inspiring.  Michelle's speech was not only informative, but also delivered with just the right amount of humor, making the complex topics she covered easily accessible to everyone in attendance. This unique blend of wit and wisdom made the entire session enjoyable and easy to absorb.

After the seminar, we attended a goat yoga session, which proved to be an incredibly fun and memorable team-building experience. The combination of her expertise and the playful, unexpected element of goat yoga left a lasting impression on my team and I.

Throughout all of her trainings and seminars, Michelle consistently brings a sense of engagement and energy that is truly unparalleled. Her ability to connect with her audience and create a dynamic learning environment sets her apart from others in the field. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Molinaro as a speaker, trainer, and facilitator. Her passion, knowledge, and unique approach make her a true asset to any team or organization looking to learn, grow, and succeed.

-Jeannette, Regional Manager

I have been using Michelle for employee training for years! From group training to individual training, they are the best! Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in property management.  They have the amazing ability to motivate your team and make sure they are prepared to succeed.  They also do a great job of adapting to changing times within our industry and added a virtual leasing course.  The agents that I enrolled in the course benefited greatly.  They increased their leases by more than 50%!  

-Tori, Regional Property Manager

I have been in the industry now for 20 years and attended more than 50 classes, to say the least.

I have attended several of Michelle's seminar over the years, and I have found the training classes to be very professional and easily engaging. Michelle give off an enthusiastic approach to all topics & discussions without being biased if you’re not doing things exactly the same way.  They both present a personal approach that is undeniably contagiously exciting for everyone in this industry to experience. What I love about their teaching style is they have a way of removing your nerves and allowing you to open up with any property/resident issues without feeling judged. The best teachers are the ones that make you better at your career while enjoying the education provided.  Thanks for everything!!!

-Troy, Regional Property Manager  

Michelle is AMAZING! I’m consistently blown away by her sessions packed full of real-world experience and up-to-date information. All paired with just the right amount of comedic relief makes her training a ton of fun and perfect for beginners or industry veterans!

-Joshua, Director of Learning & Talent

Michelle's company is great to work with. We reached out to Michelle with a crazy idea…involving Goat Yoga (Greatest of All Time) and she fully embraced the concept and created a brand new customized education program for the AAMD members. Michelle's energy is unlike any others and she easily brings a room to life! Her years of working in the industry allow her "ways" to become reality ---her real life examples and strategies that work and can be implemented immediately. We love Michelle and can’t wait to bring her back to Denver!

-Lisa, Vice President

I am privileged to recommend the excellent services of Michelle Molinaro Training. Michelle taught Virtual Fair Housing to our members in April 2020. They really stepped up for us in this difficult time of the unknown. Michelle made the virtual seminar fun and joyful. They also made our members feel comfortable during this new way of learning. Our members enjoyed them both and they were very informative of the materials.  We cannot wait to have them back!

-Callie, Executive Assistant- NAA affiliate

I have worked with Michelle Molinaro Training on my last two events and I am thrilled with the outcome of each. Regardless of the size or budget of the event, Michelle give you 100% of their efforts and creativity. They don’t miss a detail and take immense pride in their work. The ladies also deliver motivating and educational training. Any team member I send comes back renewed and ready to lease! Thank you to Michelle for all they do for us!  (Event planning and training)

-Brandi, Community Manager

It is my pleasure to endorse Michelle Molinaro as an expert in the apartment industry in training and development.  I have known Michelle for over 15 years and she is an exceptional individual with high energy and can certainly put the fun in training.  She is engaging, inspiring and truly cares about the education of each individual, making sure they are set up for success.  Michele has a dynamic personality and can easily relate to audience.  The feedback from her classes are always 5 stars and employees are eager to sign up for more classes with Michelle.  If you have opportunity to enlist Michele as a speaker, trainer, and facilitator, I highly recommend her!  Her passion, knowledge, and enthusiastic approach make her stand out in her field of expertise.

-Jeannette, Chief Operating Officer

Your Virtual Phone Seminar for our team was awesome! We loved it. We’re on the phone talking about you right now.   We couldn’t be more happy. 

It was excellent. Refreshing to hear it from someone besides us.

-Michelle, Director of Training and Development

I have known Michelle for a few years now as a trainer and she is amazing! She is so full of energy and makes learning enjoyable and fun. She takes topics that might not always be the most exciting and somehow makes it entertaining. I am always excited when Michelle comes to town for training!


I attended your Adventures in Attitudes seminar today and I have to tell you, it was one of the best seminars I have ever been to.  I completely believe it was fate that I was there today!  Recently, I have had incidents that have happened in my life, which have sent me down an emotional roller coaster.  I’m not normally a “Debbie Downer” but definitely feel I’ve been that way lately.  I’ve been trying to get out of my “funk” and somehow, today, I was completely motivated and inspired!  All the signs were there and I even had “The Last Lecture” book in my purse!  I just had to contact you and say thank you!

 -Megan, Leasing Consultant

I have used Michelle Molinaro Training for several training seminars.  They have added a much needed twist to the typical training experience.  They come to the table with new found enthusiasm, a wealth of knowledge and inspiring motivation.  They are eager to share new ideas and are willing to customize training specific to our needs.  It is a wonderful partnership!

-Jeannette, Regional Manager, NAA Board Member

We recently asked Michelle Molinaro Training to do a virtual phone training portfolio wide including all Leasing Teams nationwide.   Michelle did a excellent job with their high energy, sharing excellent tips and tricks that could be implemented immediately.  During these times the phone is more important than ever and the virtual live training made a huge difference. Within days we saw excellent results in leasing numbers.  As of today we only have a couple of vacant units in the entire portfolio!  This is the first time we have seen all properties performing like this across the board at the same time!   Pretty sure that Michelle's Training magic played a big part in making that happen!

-Sarah, Chief Operating Officer

It was such a fun filled day!  I took it all in like a sponge dry in a desert!  The information you both shared is invaluable…especially to someone like me who is brand new to this industry!  You both could not have been more warm and inviting, making the day such a pleasure!  I have already started using the techniques we learned and can already see a difference in my prospects. I feel them responding to my interest in their lives without really worrying about pricing or square footage!!

Please keep me in mind when you are offering other classes, I will be excited to join in on the fun!  (Presentation Is Everything seminar)

-Ann, Leasing Consultant

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