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Mystery Shopping

Used as a training tool, mystery shopping is a way to evaluate community personnel in their sales presentation and adherence of company policies and procedures. Our shopping evaluation has been carefully designed to provide the onsite Leasing Consultant with valuable insight into strengths and opportunities. It can also provide a platform for ongoing training, employee incentives and recognition programs. Your employee will be evaluated on the telephone, as well as on the onsite presentation and our evaluation will be sent in a timely manner. The mystery shopping team at Michelle Molinaro Training is local, carefully chosen and personally trained by us. Our goal is for you to know and understand the experience of your customer and to make your property stand out.

If you have a flexible schedule and are interested in performing shopping evaluations e-mail us for more information.

Other Services:  Consulting, one on one training, leasing contests, and auditing; Event Planning including: Grand Openings, resident functions, employee events, holiday gatherings, and charity volunteer programs.

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